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Debt Could Be Limiting Your Chances For Love

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When it comes to committing to a relationship, nearly 75% of Americans find debt to be a deal breaker. Your finances say a lot. No, it’s not about how much you can spend on a date or the next Valentine’s Day gift. But rather a signal to a potential partner...

Why choose bankruptcy over debt settlement?

Perhaps it’s the commercials on the radio touting “you can settle debt for pennies on the dollar – and not file bankruptcy!” or “you have the right to settle your debt!” Or, perhaps it’s the desire to exhaust all options...

Top 10 Bankruptcy Secrets Creditors Don’t Want You to Know

Creditors and debt settlement companies make money by keeping you in debt. That’s why the don’t want you to know that under federal law you have a right to eliminate most, if not all, of your debt. And, as you’ll see below, you can eliminate debt for a fraction...
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